Ayurveda 101 – What is Ayurveda?

I’m amazed by how little people know about Ayurveda.

How is it possible that in a society where everyone – literally everyone – has taken a yoga class, so few people have heard about Ayurveda? If I ask a yoga class of 20 people to define Ayurveda I’d be lucky to find one person who could answer. And you know what? It’s not their fault!

I did some quick Googling to see what the internet has to say about Ayurveda, and I was surprised to discover that no one had a quick, concise definition! The best ones I found were The Chopra Center’s definition (which was too technical), and Yogi Cameron’s definition (which is…actually pretty good, but a little vague.)

So here it is in layman’s terms:

Ayurveda is the Ancient Indian Science of balancing the 5 Elements of the body to prevent and heal illness.

These 5 Elements are Ether, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. When these elements are all in balance, physically and mentally, your body heals! Ayurveda aims to balance these elements in 3 key ways: Diet, Yoga (not just Asana, all 8 limbs), and Herbal RemediesAyurveda is all about balance, so the needs of each individual vary quite a bit. This is where Ayurveda is really different from other medical systems: Ayurveda treats the same illness in different people, different ways.

It’s not Western Medicine, where Ibuprofen masks pain in any person.

It’s not Chinese Medicine, where a needle in the right place stops migraines for a week. 

It’s not Homeopathy, where Vitamin C and Cherry can reduce Gout.

Ayurveda says bringing the body into balance will cure all these ailments, but there are lots of ways the body can be out of balance, and therefore many different ways to treat illness.

It sounds complicated. It doesn’t have to be.

The first thing an Ayurvedic practitioner does is determine their patient’s body type, or Dosha. The second is to determine their state of mind, or Guna. From there, a good practitioner can put together a diet, exercise, and herbal regime that will balance the body and bring it into health.

Good Ayurvedic herbal products are essential to this healing and balancing process, but they haven’t gained traction in the holistic community for one reason:

They don’t do the same thing in every person.

A great product like Rejuena balances every body type, which makes it…impossible to describe. In people who have too much internal heat, it cools them. In people who have stagnation in their organs, it rejuvenates organ function.

Rejuena energizes people who have trouble waking up, and relaxes people who have insomnia, even though those seem like opposing effects.

So when people ask me “What does Rejuena do?” the only answer I can give is that it will make you feel better by balancing your body.

At it’s core, Ayurveda is about living a healthy, balanced life. It’s an excellent system for determining the best way to take care of each unique body. So next time someone asks What is Ayurveda? You can tell them:

Ayurveda Balances Your Health.


Ayurveda Girl

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